The Dark Side Of Moving Abroad

Published in Odd and Fun on 22nd September 2017
The Dark Side Of Moving Abroad

To the people who are dealing with life alone in places “theyve never” thought they will end up living in, “you think youre” fearles, “you think youre” fearless, you are invincible.

Its beyond spooky to be placed into situations you have never been provisioned be addressed with, to be pushed out of the shelter that you have always been entitled to, to consciously exercise your rust-brown primitive survival knowledge .

Living overseas is different from backpacking. This time, you are not superficially guiding by peoples life anymore. You see the self-conscious call on whichbridges tobuildor which bridges to ignite ;d ecide that you are not obliged to burn out your own ardor to light up someone elses fire.

When you are thrown into a time of intricacy, you avoid grey areas because you know that you need lucidity in the midst ofchaos.

You become intolerant ofpeople whoadd wasteful heavines to your shoulders when you have your plates full.This time, you don’t have the option to spray off whensticky situations arise.You stand byobstacles, on top of adapting to the unfamiliar norms, language obstacles, culturaland transaction patterns. This time, you find yourself justifying every single move, entertaining which battles are importance fighting for, choosing effort to be placed on the right people. You become your own critic .

In this new reality, there are absurdities and foibles. Thereare infatuations ofmoving to a brand-new metropoli. First, the unsettling chaos, then slowly falling in love with the imperfectly perfect region you now call residence. You pick up jargons and mottoes to get by, you learn how to strike a fair bargain with street vendors, you find a home of connectionwithpeople who are going through the same mess because you are. You realized that you are not struggling alone.

The defy about leaving residence is manufacturing the slouse from your safety chord you have always been entitled to.

There is comfort in leaving, in just knowing that you can discard all the chaos tagged to a situate, in just knowing that you can move on from status quo, in knowing too well the sentiments of disengagement. It represents a violate from bad wonts grounded in a familiar country, a stagecoach of disentanglement from deadlocks.

This time there will be variables, there will be the dynamism of a one-way ticket. The variables that influence you in a way that constants do not. After all, “weve been” moulded by our selects, circumstances and above all, the sum of our parts.

Under the carefully curated illustrations in this new world discovers alayer of micro aggressions and anxiety that are strategically filtered out; the unspoken strugglesof learninghow to manage your brand-new life completely in your own terms.You arrive in a stranger domain, determining yourself inevitably throwninto spectrums of incidents. Encountering yourself potentially homeless, then living intemporary dwellings, juggling fiscal accountabilities, workloads, among all other responsibilities.

Above all, you dread the idea of being stuckalone in a dead end.Working abroad and being location independent at some time of the job scope came about in a series of heart palpitating moments behind the fancy entitlement and apparently romanticized exchange .

There’s this innate sense of necessity that youll embed in your daily routine within a short sum of hour, the real sense of understanding the position of gaining autonomy. You build updefense mechanisms because you cannot afford vulnerability to be visible. When you are on your own, youstand up for yourself because you are miles away from anyone who will stand up for you, you call parties out because you know what’s unacceptable in their own lives anymore.This new world is uncomfortable but as a variable, you read tochange your sails to align yourself with the currents.

Affirm yourself. You know you have signed up for this.

You grow this person who often entertain about leaving and goodbyes because that’s what you are familiar with, your second nature, your reflex, your defense mechanism. Over season, it returns from firmnes to nonchalance when you are provisioned to receive temporary gratification and adrenaline charge during backpacking trip-ups. You know that you could easily leave if youwanted to, knowing well that your ability to disengage from people comes more effortless than staying.

Maybe the mantra catch flights , not feelings has become something you believed in as you wander from metropolitan to city .

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