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Trump’s speech was a little like the Wikipedia page on South Korea

Published in Odd and Fun on 4th January 2018

( CNN) President Donald Trump’s lecture to South Korea’s National Assembly had its special styles. He could not pass up the opportunity to mention his poll win and to plug one of his golf courses. But in total, Wednesday’s speech was somewhat staid, at times resounding like he was reading the Wikipedia page on South […]

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Turkish President Erdogan: Solidarity is key to demolishing terrorism

Published in Odd and Fun on 29th December 2017

Entrepreneur BTAG 2 TT BTAG 3 TT6 Essential Mantras to Refocus Your Life and BusinessBTAG 4 TT BTAG 5 TT Entrepreneur BTAG 6 TT If you’re like numerous BTAG 7 TTentrepreneurs, the business you’ve invested so much in must perform as your household’s primary source of income. Any threat to the business can feel like […]

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The questions that could define Sessions’ fate

Published in Odd and Fun on 20th December 2017

( CNN) The Comey hearing surely lived up to the promotion. And now there is buildup to the testimony of Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday afternoon. The difference is Sessions still works for President Donald Trump, and he has a lot more to lose. In detail, his continued survival as attorney general, which has […]

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Administration is wrong on nuclear weapons and Clinton, Trump are silent

Published in Odd and Fun on 13th December 2017

( CNN) The originating danger of nuclear campaign has received insufficient attention in electoral campaigns beyond some justifiable anxiety at the believed to be Donald Trump’s finger on the nuclear button. But the United States faces a fundamental decision about nuclear weapons, the Obama administration is clearing the wrong select and neither candidate has spoken […]

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The ‘axis of evil’ is back

Published in Odd and Fun on 11th December 2017

( CNN) In 2002, George W. Bush distinguished his now famous “axis of evil” — Iraq, Iran and North Korea, three rogue, even pariah, states that challenged the international order with fear and destruction weapons( WMD ). And he dedicated there is no way to be permitted to threaten the US with the world’s most […]

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Pulse nightclub survivor looks Las Vegas’ pain

Published in Odd and Fun on 7th December 2017

( CNN) Again. I had no idea what was happening at first when I was jolted out of berthed Monday morning by frenetic asks, text, and berths. But soon, that term “again” stopped reverberating in my leader. I pondered back to the missed requests, frantic textbook, and Facebook statuses from captured acquaintances … and I […]

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The remarkable reality of the ISIS threat

Published in Odd and Fun on 26th November 2017

( CNN) Last-place month, the Pew Research Center released the performance of the a sketch requesting the citizens of 38 countries to appoint a serious threat to their nation. This is the last in a special series of op-eds that likewise appear in Fareed’s Global Briefing looking at the top realized menaces among Americans. You […]

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The Austrian elections should frighten Europeans

Published in Odd and Fun on 20th November 2017

( CNN) The commanding victory of populist parties in Austria’s national election on Sunday is certain to sound beyond the borders of the commonwealth of 8. 5 million. Coming on the ends of enter amplifications made by the far right in Germany last month, nationalist and anti-immigrant forces across the European union are find emboldened […]

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Inform: The deadliest period is after the typhoon foliages

Published in Odd and Fun on 7th November 2017

( CNN) As Hurricane Irma rapidly approaches the southern coast of Florida, it is crucial to focus some time on how our citizens is dealing with the survival of what, is now speculated, will be a Category 4 storm. First, the euphoria of surviving the storm will come. Knowing that your babies are safe, finding […]

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I appreciated tolerating like I’ve never seen

Published in Odd and Fun on 5th November 2017

( CNN) The savagery that breaks out Wednesday during Venezuela’s Independence Day detected all too familiar. In point, just last week I had appreciated for myself some of the chaos that has enveloped the country when I called Caracas. I was there to meet with local partners who have been requesting for help in a […]

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