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How to survive Thanksgiving if you’re a Good White Person

Published in Odd and Fun on 24th July 2017

What can people of color do for grey friends was necessary to share a meal with Trump-supporting relatives? Safety rods and #notallwhitepeople parties are a good start A moment of silence, delight, for all the Good White Millennials. Thanksgiving is going to be bumpy for many of them this year as it symbolizes a movement […]

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How to parent without limitations | Trevor Silvester

Published in Odd and Fun on 23rd July 2017

Foisting wasteful anxieties on to most children can sternly restriction their futures, pronounces Trevor Silvester For 20 times Ive sat in my rehabilitation room and listened to parties. Ive heard hundreds of legends from childhood that have led to lives of ache and disadvantage. Some are what youd expect corruption, damage and deprivation but numerous […]

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Why your boy thinks you’re an idiot

Published in Odd and Fun on 21st July 2017

Emma Beddington cherishes the days when her sons read her as a goddess. But they have entered a brand-new period of life in which their parents are buffoons Do you think Im stupid? Sooner or subsequently as a mother, you will hear yourself say this. You cant help it. The doubt precisely falls out of […]

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The hygge conspiracy | Charlotte Higgins

Published in Odd and Fun on 20th July 2017

The Long Read: This years most overhyped tendency is a healthful Danish concept of cosiness, used to sell everything from fluffy socks to vegan shepherds pasty. But the version were buying is a British invention and the real thing is less cuddly than it seems Inescapably and unexpectedly, Britain has been invaded by hygge . […]

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Russian soup for the mind: how cook facilitated me affection again | Boris Fishman

Published in Odd and Fun on 17th July 2017

Novelist Boris Fishman shunned his heritage until a fiery internship in the kitchen of a New York restaurant In 2014, a Russian restaurant named Moscow5 7 opened near my suite on New Yorks Lower East Side. Manhattan was full of Russian eateries, both classics such as Samovar and parvenus such as Mari Vanna; but the […]

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Thai doctor pushes against carcinogenic raw fish food that killed his mothers

Published in Odd and Fun on 10th July 2017

Koi pla, raw fish soil with spices and lime, is thought to kill up to 20,000 beings in Thailand every year A doctor in Thailand whose mothers died from liver cancer after ingesting a much-loved raw fish bowl is passing the countrys rural north-east to alert people off the recipe. Koi pla, a cheap dish […]

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Ultra racket: why music intends so much to us | Adam Ockelford

Published in Odd and Fun on 9th July 2017

Music is one of lifes a pleasure. But why, expects Adam Ockelford, does it alter us so deeply? Its a question that has intrigued intellectuals across the ages from Socrates to Schopenhauer: why is it that abstract motifs of sound mean so very much to human beings? We are more exposed to music than ever […]

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Know: I paid to have my daughter kidnapped

Published in Odd and Fun on 8th July 2017

That first day I grieved. I knew deep down I was right, but I didnt know if two daughters would forgive me It was 3am. I went into my daughters room, woke her, informed her I cherished her and that she was going on a trip. She was drowsy from the sleeping pill Id passed […]

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Is it ever OK to queue-jump?

Published in Odd and Fun on 3rd July 2017

And what does it say about the ones who do? As youre maybe aware, there are two reliable ways to avoid queueing at the airport. One is to travel business class or has become a celebrity but business class is expensive, and becoming a celebrity takes years of undertaking, or luck. The other is to […]

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Noise-cancelling headphones: the secret existence implement for modern life

Published in Odd and Fun on 30th June 2017

Headphones that block out phone were first developed for airplane pilots on long flights and have for some become a vital part of daily life Theres one thing other than my purse and my circulate placard I wouldnt be without in a big city, and its my headphones. But I dont actually listen to music […]

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