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10 inspiring female novelists you need to read

Published in Odd and Fun on 19th January 2018

As a response to Gay Taleses had failed to identify any inspirational girl scribes, we expected our readers to explain why and how these authors changed their lives It is hard to believe that this slouse is still a need. We long for the day when we dont “re going to have to” single out […]

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Beyonce to Black Mirror; the culture that specifies 2016

Published in Odd and Fun on 15th January 2018

How better to make sense of this turbulent time than through the arts and literature it has made? Our reviewers select the works that sum up the last 12 months The cinema: Ghostbusters If there is one film that holds a political key to understanding 2016, it is Ghostbusters : that joke, good-natured, easygoing female […]

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Madeleine Thien:’ In China, you learn a lot from what beings don’t tell you’

Published in Odd and Fun on 14th January 2018

The Man Booker-shortlisted writer on a solitary childhood in Canada and daring to wonder the Chinese regime At breakfast in Vancouver just before her adopted sister disappears forever from their own lives, 11 -year-old Marie, AKA Ma-li, forlornly submits to being consoled with a wordgame. She discovers that the Chinese ideogram for the verb to […]

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The good journals for summer 2016

Published in Odd and Fun on 7th January 2018

From Essex serpents to chimpanzees, political satire to the best brand-new thrillers extending writers uncover which books they will be taking to the beach Julian Barnes I recently reread Anita Brookner s first novel A Start in Life ( Penguin ), and it left me thinking that maybe all novelists should be forbidden from producing […]

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Edward Snowden:’ Governments can reduce our glory to that of tagged animals’

Published in Odd and Fun on 3rd January 2018

In this foreword from The Assassination Complex, a new notebook about drone warfare, the whistleblower is one reason why leaking information about wrongdoing is a vital deed of resistance Ive been waiting 40 times for someone looks just like you. Those were the first words Daniel Ellsberg spoke to me when we congregated last year. […]

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Mum’s bucket list:’ Have a great time after I’ve gone’

Published in Odd and Fun on 3rd January 2018

When Kate Greene was dying, she left behind a directory for her sons an eclectic mix of thoughts, reminders and life lessons. Now her moving narration has been done into a film starring Emilia Fox and Rafe Spall. Tanith Carey satisfies her family Kate Greene was always one of those people who made rosters to […]

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Is sugar the world’s most popular dope? | Gary Taubes

Published in Odd and Fun on 30th December 2017

The Long Read: It eases pain, seems to be addictive and proves every mansion of justification long-term health problems. Is it time to quit carbohydrate for good? Imagine a drug that they are able intoxicate us, can infuse us with power and can be taken by mouth. It doesnt have to be injected, inhaled, or […]

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The 100 better nonfiction volumes: No 34- Hiroshima by John Hersey( 1946)

Published in Odd and Fun on 28th December 2017

Herseys remarkable, controlling journal tells the personal tales of six people who abode the 1945 atom bomb attack on the Japanese city American print journalism, perhaps thanks to its special residence in the American constitution, occasionally extradites admirable knockout blows, world-class to provide information on great subjects. John Herseys Hiroshima stands at the head of […]

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The 50 good movies of 2015 in the US aEUR” No 3: The Revenant

Published in Odd and Fun on 18th December 2017

Continuing our countdown of the best movies released in the US this year, we go on the rally with Leonardo DiCaprio and Alejandro Gonz alez Inarritu for this epic frontier avenge western With The Revenant, Alejandro GonzA! lez IA +- A! rritu leads Terrence Malick not that he requirement much encouragement for an extraordinarily handsome […]

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Three dates with The Dice Man:’ I never wrote for coin or fame’

Published in Odd and Fun on 17th December 2017

His 1971 novel was a countercultural whiz, exchanging 2m emulates. But the author has smothered himself in whodunit. Why? When I read The Dice Man 15 years ago, I wanted to know who had written it, and why. It read more like an ordinance of existence than a novel, but whether it was the authors […]

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