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Born to be wild: the newborn pandas destined for freedom

Published in Odd and Fun on 27th July 2017

Most pandas born in confinement in China waste their lives there. But a few are being prepared for a move to the mountains. These videos by Ami Vitale demo the the efforts of the keepers looking after those destined for both zoos and the wildernes. By Kate Carter Pandas: cute, but sexually inept and bamboozled […]

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No classrooms, lessons or homework: New Zealand school where infants are free to roam

Published in Odd and Fun on 27th July 2017

Pupils at Deep Green Bush school spend the majority of the working day outdoors, exploring the countryside, learning to fish, hunt and net possums Deep among the streams and Kauri trees of rural south Auckland, New Zealands newest and most alternative academy is in session. The climate is penalty so a bout of fishing is […]

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Japanese son who invested six daylights in forest needles hospital

Published in Odd and Fun on 25th July 2017

Yamato Tanooka says he is looking forward to returning to school, and police say his mothers will not be prosecuted A seven-year-old boy who lived for nearly a week after being abandoned by his mothers in a wood has left infirmary, capping a 10 -day drama that seduced Japan and triggered their own nationals gossip […]

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The astonishing survival of the boy left in a Japanese forest

Published in Odd and Fun on 21st July 2017

Yamatos discovery in an army hut deep inside thick woodland started about thanks to various parts of good fortune He did not flinch when he came face to face with the first person he had considered to be in almost a week. There were no snaps, either, precisely a composed answer to the soldiers doubt: […]

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What is the VX nerve agent that killed North Korean Kim Jong-nam?

Published in Odd and Fun on 19th July 2017

Declared a weapon of mass destruction by the UN, the banned chemical agent is more potent than any other Malaysian police have revealed that the nerve agent VX was used to kill Kim Jong-nam when he was attacked at Kuala Lumpurs international airport. What is VX ? VX is the deadliest nerve agent ever formed. […]

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Japanese son left in grove forgives father

Published in Odd and Fun on 13th July 2017

Yamato Tanookas parents may face defamation accusations after son met alive almost a week after being told out of car as punishment The seven-year-old boy who survived for six nights in a forest in north Japan has forgiven “his fathers” for putting him through the agony, described it as a good dad. Yamato Tanooka was […]

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Thai doctor pushes against carcinogenic raw fish food that killed his mothers

Published in Odd and Fun on 10th July 2017

Koi pla, raw fish soil with spices and lime, is thought to kill up to 20,000 beings in Thailand every year A doctor in Thailand whose mothers died from liver cancer after ingesting a much-loved raw fish bowl is passing the countrys rural north-east to alert people off the recipe. Koi pla, a cheap dish […]

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How China changed Hong Kong: views from the city

Published in Odd and Fun on 29th June 2017

As the 20 th anniversary of the handover from the UK to China is distinguished, the Guardian talks to residents and officials about the alterations since 1997 Hong Kong is about to label the 20 th commemoration of the handover of its national territory from the UK to China. The instant will bring thousands on […]

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An insider’s template to Beijing: caged chicks, pollution and internet satire

Published in Odd and Fun on 23rd June 2017

Chinas capital is home to nearly as many people as its population of Australia. Concrete sprawl might be prevalent but so too are buckwheat pancakes, traditional theatres and oases filled with birdsong In five words Alleys, imperial architecture, concrete sprawl Sound of the city Old Beijingers have a hobby of hindering caged chicks that sing […]

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Baby killer whale fights for life in New Zealand harbour

Published in Odd and Fun on 15th June 2017

The orca, nicknamed Bob, has been swimming in a conceal on the east coast of the North Island for two weeks after becoming separated from his pod A baby orca separated from its mother and husk for two weeks is gradually croaking in a New Zealand hide, despite a taskforce being set up to try […]

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