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‘No injustice is more devastating’: Dilma Rousseff condemns rivals’ ‘treachery’

Published in Odd and Fun on 14th December 2017

Impeachment defeat not the end of suspended chairmen crusaded as she will go on trial for up to six months on charges of doctoring authority accounts There were no rends at the least not from Dilma Rousseff as she left the Planalto presidential palace after an impeachment demolish that abridges 13 years of Workers party […]

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Scour for Argentine submarine recruits ‘critical phase’

Published in Odd and Fun on 10th December 2017

Mar del Plata, Argentina( CNN) As a multinational exploration to find an Argentine submarine abides fruitless more than a week after it faded, dominions fear crew members may be running out of time. The ARA San Juan, which is carrying 44 crew members, including the country’s first girl submarine polouse, was last-place interpreted a week […]

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Organic or starve: can Cuba’s new farming simulation offer food insurance?

Published in Odd and Fun on 1st December 2017

Once it originated merely sugar and was heavy handed with fertilizers and pesticides , now Cuba is in the grip of a small-scale organic farming revolution In the town of Hershey, 40 miles east of Havana, you can see the past and the future of Cuban farming, side by side. The vacated hulk of the […]

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Puerto Rico governor: Power could be out for months

Published in Odd and Fun on 29th November 2017

( CNN) Puerto Rico’s energy grid took such a serious punch from fatal Hurricane Maria that restoring power to everyone may take months, Gov. Ricardo Rossello told CNN on Wednesday night. The entire organization is down, the governor said. No one on the island has dominance from utilities. Puerto Rico, which has been through a […]

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Environmental activists still under threat in Honduras six months after Berta Caceres’ execution

Published in Odd and Fun on 22nd November 2017

Chills passed down Toms Gmez Membreos spine when he first heard about the merciless murder of his renowned pal and ally, the Honduran Indigenous leader Berta Cceres, 6 months ago this week. A fellow environmental activist and second in bid at the Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras( COPINH ), Toms dreaded he would be […]

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Canadian gin company’s safarus accused of committing cultural appropriation

Published in Odd and Fun on 20th November 2017

Ungava apologises to the Inuit people for offensive video demo caricature attributes paddling a canoe past igloos and a mans singer chanting A Canadian gin corporation has apologised after its advertising campaigns and branding implying cartoon Inuit characters and young women wearing parka costumes provoked complaints about cultural appropriation Ungava, founded in Quebec in 2010, […]

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Yukon Quest: 14 sled puppies, 4 mountain ranges, 1,000 miles- and total passion

Published in Odd and Fun on 15th November 2017

The sled dog hasten from Alaska to Canada is gruelling to say the least, but self-described Quest addicts render year after year to test their limits The toughest sled dog hasten in the world didnt disillusion in 2016. Snowstorms, stranded mushers, billing polouse moose all featured on the 33rd annual Yukon Quest international sled dog […]

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Pixacao: the narrative behind Sao Paulo’s ‘angry’ alternative to graffiti

Published in Odd and Fun on 11th November 2017

Derived from heavy metal book covers, Sao Paulos peculiar street writing is rooted in a desire to protest against difference in Brazils largest municipality. But some pixadores now fear their work is being sold out If Brazil “re not for” fledglings, as the composer Antonio Carlos Jobim once said, then very great urban areas, Sao […]

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Eduardo Cunha: Brazil president’s chief accuser faces allegations of his own

Published in Odd and Fun on 10th November 2017

Speaker of countrys lower live faces investigations over alleged perjury, fund laundering and bribes but political tide appears to be moving in his favor After the impeachment vote against Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, attention is changing to her accuser-in-chief, who is charged with greater felonies but appears most likely to escape justice. The lower mansion […]

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Snaps and devotions for a tight-knit unit as Chapecoense’s fairytale ends in tragedy

Published in Odd and Fun on 29th October 2017

The crash of the Brazilians plane claimed a 22 -year-old striker who was about to become a father but saved a team-mate who missed the flight through injury The musicians from Chapecoense were honcho for a coincide that would surely commemorated the spire of their sororities biography thus far: the first leg of the final […]

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